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Bud’s Gourmet Burgers

100% USDA Angus Beef served with choice of fresh cut fries, waffle fries, buffalo chips, side salad or cup of soup. Sub onion rings or battered green beans +2.00. Sub sweet potato fries. +1.00 All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and mayo (unless noted otherwise. Sub garden patty or chicken on any selection.

Bud-Jacksons BurgerBud’s Burger
Bacon, ham, fried egg and cheese 11.50

Bleu Moon Burger
Sautéed mushrooms and grilled onions topped with bleu cheese crumbles 10.95

Mountaineer Burger
Stacked with bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, and Bud’s BBQ sauce 10.95

Swiss Mushroom Burger
Sauted mushrooms and Swiss cheese 10.95

Aloha Burger
Beef patty, provolone and a grilled pineapple ring glazed with teriyaki sauce 9.95

City Slicker Burger
Pepper jack cheese, bacon, topped with guacamole 10.95

Western Burger
Sliced roast beef, Sauted mushrooms, cheddar cheese and Bud’s BBQ sauce 10.95

Basic Burger
8.95 Add cheese +1.00

Rocket Burger
Pepper jack cheese and bacon 10.25

“The Terminator”
Double patty, double bacon, cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese and jalapeno ranch slaw (so tasty) 13.50

Five Alarm Burger
Pepper jack cheese, Jalapenos, grilled onions and smoked salsa 10.50

NEW Bronco Burger
BBQ pulled pork piled high on an original burger patty topped with cheddar cheese 10.95

NEW Cuban Reuben
Corned beef, salsa, 1000 island, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut topped on original burger patty 10.95

Chili Burger
Served open faced, smothered in chili, topped with cheddar cheese and onions 11.95

Bud-Jacksons Burger